Thursday, November 19, 2009


I sit here this thursday morning, reading through the blogs i subscribe to and a thought a thought occurs to me. All these review's on unit's are about the units indivually. The entries go over which builds to take, how to use them, and how many to take. These types of things. If another units is mentioned its only as a side note and only briefly.
I do not play that way. In wargames or any other games that I play for that matter. Everything I choose, for better or worse, is chosen because it fits into a thought out strategy, and works with each and every part of my list. There are units I take to fullfill certain roles and units i take to support them and other unit's. In my belief this is the primary way to achieve a level of skill with the game, above everyone else.
I also do not see the game in black and white. Whenever I look at a unit entry i ask myself a couple questions. "What is this unit's strength's?","What are this units weakness's?","Will/How will this unit fit into a list of my design?", and finnally "What should I take with this unit to make it better?" There are very few instances in this game that something is completely useless (barring outdated material or defunct rules). Every unit selection in every army has a place in a given list.
Most of the reason why this is becoming more prevalent is due to the importance of objectives in war hammer 5th edition. unlike previous editions where the focus was the meat grinder style of play, war hammer actually involves taking and hold a position on the table. A step towards becoming more of a military strategy game as opposed to to a statistics course or a practice in maximizing DPS. With this advent, the mechanic's of the game have lent more emphasis to developing an overall synergy between unit's in order to affect a goal.
In closing its not about bullets or bodies. It's about brain's. When building your list or trying out a theory or even looking through a codex. Look at the possibilities and think about how things within the codex can work together to accomplish a goal.

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