Sunday, September 27, 2009

You can ink wash my soul

This week has been crazy. First off a good friend of mine waldo, call me up with a job offer for a business he owns and manages. The position would be temporary for two weeks at which point we would see wether or not we wanted to continue on a permanent basis. So needless to say I have been running around like crazy in adjustment of my new job training and stuff.
That bieng said I haven't had a whole lot of time to dedicate to any of my projects during the week. It became so frustrating getting stuck in that wake,work,eat, sleep routine that Saturday on my day off I sat down and worked on my blood angels figs.
I am so relieved to have done that. For the longest time I have been struggling with the entire painting my army thing because of two reason's primarily 1) Lack of time 2) Not really knowing how to paint mini's. When I sat down to start the endevor to paint along time ago I became frustrated mostly because whenever I asked my friends who did paint well how they did it their answer was "take paint from the bottle and put it on the figs!". It wasn't as though they were trying to be mean. To them its just that simple. I however didn't want to just throw paint on models and "figure it out". To me that would leave me with on thing...a crappy looking model. Not that I would be master golden daemon winner right off. I just wanted to know what techniques would make my fig's look awesome when I did master them.
After some research online (shout out to Jawaballs, Black Matt!) I sat down and attempted to try something simple. A Blood Angels Tac Squad. After about 5 hours of painting I sat back and realised that after I primed my figs (which before I learned that BA marines should be based white not black) I had painted on a thin watered down layer of blood red (can't remember why I thought that was a good idea) see that the black was still showing through I just kept doing it. On went layer after layer of watered down paint until I became frustrated with the entire process. That was about 3 months ago.
Sitting down yesterday I resolved that I had to fix these horrible ugly things in front of me. Do in no BS I took out my bottle of Blood Red and dry brushed over each of these guys until the red on their armor plated were solid. Over the cracks and feet I dry brushed on Scab Red. Then after all that was done completely on the random search for something else I happened on a solo bottle of the new citadel Baal red ink wash. I had completely forgotten that I had purchased it on a whim a long time ago. Returning to my project I washed over the unit then hit them with a water-down layer of blazing orange just to lighten the up the red. After all that I have to say that I am quite pleased as to the progress of these guys. I have learned quite a bit. I think next time I approach a batch of guy it will not only take less time but will look a lot better. Even still I am impressed they don't look horrible and are definitely well on there way to be table ready.

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