Sunday, February 28, 2010

Big changes to the blog site

Hey everyone.
So for the past six months I have been on one big learning curve. I have been researching all kinds of things like how to write, program web sites, and tons of product research. I have recently started the initial stages of setting up a Vblog to accompany this blogspot. I have acquired a couple of followers (thanks for supporting the site). I have also been busy slowly gathering the neccassary items needed to advance the look and presentation of this site and the video channel.
All of this is with being done with one goal in mind. The eventual syndication of an gaming/hobby enthuisist's website. I want to make a website that covers it all. From Card Gaming to Wargaming and in between.
With that in mind I am going to be making several changes to the blog over the next couple months.
1) I will be starting a Legend of the Five Rings Portion of this blog.
2) I will be separating the Warhammer 40k and Legend of the Five Rings pages. This is so in coming traffic will not have to surf through material that they are generally not interested in. The Main site (this one) will be linked to the other site. When I post a new topic I will post a linked topic to that page. So no further subscription will be necessary.
3) I will no longer be doing reviews of Codex's in thier entiriety. This is mostly because of time constraints. With Everything going in life I am hard pressed to sit down and formulate, test, and write my opinions. The Space Wolf review because of this will be ended prematurly. In the Future I intend of doing something like a review but more just an opinion of a relevant strategy rather than a full in depth look. Once I have more time maybe I'll bring back reviews but for right now its just way to time consuming and robs, you my readers, the benifit of other more interesting material that can be written in the same time frame.
4)With that in mind I intend on making several promises to you my subscribers. The first being if I start a project series on this blog or my video channel I will finish it. Second that I will try to break it down for new players to the game. Three that I will offer an in depth look at whatever opinion I may express or whatever project I have going on in this site. Last that I will post regularly (once every two weeks or so) and I will try to keep you informed of when you can expect my next post will be, within reason.

With that being said expect a post within the next week laying out the site structure and the inclusion of my first article on Legend of the Five Rings.

Thanks for time and support and I hope you all enjoy the blog.

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