Thursday, October 29, 2009

Been real busy lately. So here's a brief update on my projects.

Painting the Angels: Ahah! so there I was reveling in the joy of bieng near completion of my angels. The only thing left was to do the fine detailing and then I noticed it. The black primer was still showing through the red. Disgusted threw down my paint brushes and didn't touch them for a week. The next week I re-approached the situation and sat down and did some research on stripping paint. I looked at all the methods simple green, brake fluid, oven cleaner. Eventually I stumbled into and came across a video about super cleaner. Turns out you can buy this stuff by the gallon at Wal-marts automotive department. The video claimed that it would strip the paint but leave the detail, so I tried that and two other methods out. The super clean worked! It stripped the paint all the way down to the model but didn't damage the model at all. This crap really is the boss. So I took all 30 of my crappy primed blood angels and gave them a flesh bath.

Space Wolves Review: Well as you know I have the first part up. I should be posting the second part this weekend or just after Halloween. For each of the In-depths I am running just some short scenario's trying different builds, just to test out my opinion's overall I think this first review will probably take me the longest mostly because I am so out of touch with blogging on a regular occasion. I plan to do a short tactica series in between the Space Wolves Review and the Tyranid Codex release so go ahead an stay tuned for that.

Warlord and Reaper Mini's: A good friend of mine is trying to become a demo rep for reaper minitures and wants to start doing some video's. As I have been toying with the same idea of starting a video blog for some time so I am thinking about getting a camera and just doing it. However I have absolutely no idea what to shop for camcorder wise so if anyone has any suggestions that would be great.

Legend of the Five Rings: After much deliberation and more than a month of not even touching my cards I was invited by a couple of my friends to on the semi-local tournaments that goes on every Sunday. it took me a day or two but eventually I came around agreed and threw together a slightly different version of my hero/deathseeker build. This normally relies on nagataka or a similar expendable personality to be on the board and then by using duty,deflect, strength of the bamboo and other similar negation or redirection cards to my useless character's. At the same time I use heavy handed amounts of pk to force attrition of the opponents "key" units. Great idea right? Well not apparently... I ended up taking 10th out of eleven people and that was because I received a bi on the 3rd round.
1st round (Phoenix Military): Funny enough this was against my friend. I drew into 3 holdings the entire game but managed to hold my ground . He eventually wore me down though through production.
2nd round (Spider Oni/breeder): Just completely creamed my on turn 5 I walked into his entire army and basically gave him the game. I have no idea where my brain was. Basicly just plowed into me and took me two turns later.
3rd round: I recieved a bi. At this point I think it was good, I was really pissed at myself and another loss would have seriously wrecked my mood.
4th round (Unicorn Military) Good game, my opponent was real cool. We just played and had fun. Came down to an attack on him I lost have about 7 or so actions but the battle was close. The recovery after that wasn't enough though as he had taken two provinces early in game.

Well thats pretty much it I will post my current decklist up I am going to tourney this sunday again, I hope to do better than last week.

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